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trademark soup


providing fresh ingredients

to build tasty brands.

Brands have become some of the most valuable assets for companies and individuals.


With a bit of creativity and vision, brands can go from bland tasteless ideas to famous memorable icons that last a lifetime in the minds of fans and customers. But what is a brand?

A brand is a trademark. It can be a word, design, slogan, color and even a sound that is used to distinguish goods (e.g. Apple for computers or Harley Davidson for motorcycles) or services (e.g. Google for search engine services or Beatles for a musical group). Trademarks can be registered in a variety of classes.  For example, "Starbucks" is federally registered for restaurant services, clothing, mugs, newsletters and, of course, coffee. 


To serve the brand needs of our clients we have cooked up our own special recipe of services called Trademark Soup®. We offer a full range of trademark services and help clients register (state and federal), protect and build their valuable brand identities, such as business names, domain names, films, bands, songs and other products and services. Beyond registration, we can assist in trademark renewals, licensing and even the purchase and sale of marks.

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Providing fresh ingredients to build tasty brands that last a lifetime.

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