building strong community,

creative culture and

fair deals.

Music Row has a tried and true Southern tradition of creating out of community. Coupled with the fact that bad deals get bad reputations, it’s important to be honest and fair with one's neighbors. This is the legacy we work to uphold in serving our clients.


With one of the highest concentrations of songwriters, artists, authors and other creators in the U.S., and a music and publishing legacy reaching back nearly 200 years, Nashville is truly a unique community. Almost every genre of music has been written and recorded here, from country to rock, jazz to gospel, bluegrass to R&B, and rap to rockabilly. We have a large, but more laid back, publishing industry that touts more books published that almost anywhere else in the world.


It is in the midst of this beautifully creative industry rooted in southern hospitality, that the Copyright Cafe opens its doors to serve our friends and neighbors.   

With nearly 30 years of experience on the creative, business and legal side of the entertainment industry, we are uniquely poised to understand and assist our clients. Serving industry veterans and rising stars, we handle contracts, business needs and key introductions for songwriters, artists, producersmanagers, authors, speakers, designers, athletes, influencers and other creatives. We also serve as outside “business affairs” for music publishers, record companies, major events, distributors and other entertainment ventures.

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Upholding a tradition of southern hospitality, creative community and building honest and fair deals.