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copyright creates a

landscape for life and a

livelihood for creators.

Southern cities like Nashville are bathed in the beauty of copyright.


It is found in an artistic mural of Johnny and June on the coffeehouse wall, the songs of salvation sung on Sunday morning, a family favorite novel of wardrobes and lampposts, the digital map guiding our way to chicken and waffles, the architecture of symphony halls and hallowed halls of fame, the choreography of the Nutcracker youth ballet, a summer film in the park of Interstellar travel, and so much more.

It's an ancient right recognized the world over. Copyright enables creators with protection from infringing desperados and provision from the lawful licensors. 

Copyright even provides creators and their heirs with a second bite at the apple, allowing them to terminate old agreements and regain control of certain rights and royalties after a period of time.


It is our privilege to help songwriters, artists, authors, creators, and their heirs with a full menu of copyright services. We help clients maximize the value of their copyrights through registrationlicensing, recapturing rights, and terminating grants. We also have a strong track record of structuring the purchase and sale of copyrights and royalties to invigorate new life and capital.

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Copyright provides the soundtrack to our Southern Nights.

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